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Sailboat start timer revisited

I have been stalled in my work on my robot. Current bug just seems insurmountable. I would come home and avoid the thing like the plague. So I decided to purposefully work on something else for a while.

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Over the weekend I got the new power monitior system put down on a breadboard. I am using one Arduino and one ADE7763 on a “motherboard”. On small daughter boards I am putting down a small PIC processor and an … Continue reading

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Design pretty much done with design!

I got a good chunk of time in the lab this weekend to pretty much nail down the design for the Power Monitor. I now have two sensor nodes on breadboards connected to an Arduino reporting data back to a … Continue reading

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Programming PICs

Last few evenings I have had a few minutes to start programming my 16F627A PIC. So far I have been sucessful in reading and writting IO pins and using the external interrupt. Although my PIC does not support the debugger, … Continue reading

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