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Comments on an LDROBOT LD-Air Lidar

I purchased an LD-AIR LIDAR from LDROBOT as part of a Kickstarter campaign. I received it some time ago but did not have any time to play with it then. I just got some time this week and these are … Continue reading

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Incredible optical encoder

I was cleaning up my lab at work when I stumbled upon a contraction from a research project that never went anywhere. I got in touch with the researchers and asked them how they wanted me to disposition the equipment. … Continue reading

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Radio Shack is dead to me

I know it is not news, but Radio Shack is dead. My local store did not shutter when they went bankrupt. It has now been remodeled to bring in a cell phone store in a good 1/4 of the store. … Continue reading

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Interesting bugs

Over the last few months, I have been sending to my software group at work a puzzle/quiz in the form of a bug I have found in my robot code. They seem to get a kick out of especialy since … Continue reading

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FIRST LEGO League mentor

I have been very involved with FIRST LEGO League (FLL) for many years. I started as a coach, then did some special projects for the organization, and now act as a mentor for coaches around the country. This year I … Continue reading

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Out of town

I got called out of town for a week. Did not get a chance to start testing the SUNDAR. And now by the time I get home it is dark. Testing will have to wait till the weekend. Grrrrr.

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Dilbert moment

I have been involved with a simple project at work to build 55 field re-programmers for a product we make. The case has a few bits of electronics in it including a 50 cent micro, and a $1 voltage converter. … Continue reading

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Super magnet

I just purchased a rather larger (1″ dia, 3/4″ thick) N52 super magnet to erase MiniDV video tapes. Wow! What an amazing thing. I can see why I had to agree to all the safety notices on the item. If … Continue reading

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Sandy and gyros

Seems like I spend more time logging non robotic events than the other way around. This weekend I was planning on spending quality time with a new ARM development board I purchased, but my wife and I decided that this … Continue reading

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Spam out of control

Spaming the comments on this blog has gotten out of control. I had 83 in one day. In self defense I implemented a simple Captcha system. So far i have had zero spam comments and it would appear zero failures … Continue reading

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