Sailboat race timer

I am working on a sailboat race timer. This device blows a car horn at set intervals to warn a sailboat fleet of an impending start. My primary use is for solo practice on vacation. The unit runs from an MSP430 processor and a small motorcycle battery. Currently I am hung up on a problem where the processor reboots each time the horn blows. It must be a ground bounce/current spike problem, but I have not been able to track it down. I even separated the power systems via an optocoupler and it still reboots.

Swapped the MSP430 for a PIC and things seem to be working much better. Now I can run the whole thing off the same 12V motorcycle battery without needing a separate power source for the electronics.

Next step is to start board layout.

  • Design: %90
  • Construction: %60
  • Test: %20

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