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DS1102D issues

I purchased a Rigol DS1102D 2 channel analog and 16 channel mixed signal scope a few years ago. For the most part I love the unit. It is small and portable allowing me to take it to the job site. … Continue reading

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AS3935 details

After a very frustrating weekend, I am pretty confident I have the worst of the integration problems behind me. The Embedded Adventures board is a very nice board but did take the choice of SPI or I2C out of my … Continue reading

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First impressions of the AS3935 lightning detector

After ordering the break out board from Embedded Adventures in the UK, I got a nice email indicating that they would ship to me via stock held in the USA. The email also included some sample code for a PIC.

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Temperature stabilization of the IMU

I have a Pololu 9DOF IMU that I plan to use for the Sparkfun AVC competition. One thing (of a few thousand!) that has me worried is the bias of the sensors as a function of temperature. The datasheet indicates … Continue reading

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