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SUNDAR upgrade parts

I just got in the mail today the parts I ordered for the SUNDAR upgrade. I am a very happy camper. The stepper motor I purchased was a little ‘5V’ 200 step unit from Pololu. To this I added a … Continue reading

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SUNDAR upgrades

After I have proven to myself that I have a good chance to get a solar compass to work for AVC, I started to look at improvements. The first would have to be miniaturization. Currently the system is very bulky, … Continue reading

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It works (SUNDAR)

I finally got some free time at the same time the sun was visible to take the SUNDAR outside. I took it out on my deck and hoping for the best, turned it on. Here is an output from the … Continue reading

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Out of town

I got called out of town for a week. Did not get a chance to start testing the SUNDAR. And now by the time I get home it is dark. Testing will have to wait till the weekend. Grrrrr.

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A hope for the SUNDAR

Last night I started end to end testing of my solar compass. The pre-amp, amplifier, AGC, and digitizer circuits all seem to work. The code for computing Azimuth also seems to work in a lab environment. So far so good. … Continue reading

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After etching the pre-amp board and populating it with parts, my quick test showed that the device did not work. No smoke, but no amplification either. And then some personal issues came up that I had to take care of. … Continue reading

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