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Bug on AS3935

After three weeks of banging my head against a brick wall, I confirmed last night that the AS3935 has an issue with the I2C interface. There is an issue with the chip that prevents reading register zero without violating the … Continue reading

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AS3935 and register zero

The more I bang my head against this chip, the more I am certain there are ‘issues’ with it. I can now read and write every register with amazing repeatability except register zero. This register refuses to be read or … Continue reading

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AS3935 lightning detector update

I was having problems with reliable communications with the lightning detector chip over the I2C bus. Sometimes I would read a register and it would not be at all what I was expecting. The situation was during calibration when I … Continue reading

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Super magnet

I just purchased a rather larger (1″ dia, 3/4″ thick) N52 super magnet to erase MiniDV video tapes. Wow! What an amazing thing. I can see why I had to agree to all the safety notices on the item. If … Continue reading

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Another excercise in Yak Shaving

I have been having problems with the I2C interface on a chip I have been playing with. Since I do not have an I2C bus analyzer (nor can I afford one!), I have been using my scope to decode bus … Continue reading

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