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Microscope (AmScope SM-3T)

My eyes are getting old. I can no longer focus on close items. For the last few years I used a magnification visorĀ for close up work. But in recent time, even thatĀ is not good enough. To get close enough to … Continue reading

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Saleae Logic-8

I just was given a Saleae Logic-8 logic analyzer probe as a birthday gift. I am in love with not only the giver (my wife), but the unit itself. Admittedly I have only had it for an hour, but everything … Continue reading

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DS1102D issues

I purchased a Rigol DS1102D 2 channel analog and 16 channel mixed signal scope a few years ago. For the most part I love the unit. It is small and portable allowing me to take it to the job site. … Continue reading

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My first sponsor: Vectronix

In my work I have been using a Vectronix Digital Magnetic Compass (DMC) for several years. We choose this component for our project because it was widely recognized as the best magnetic system in the world. Fully calibrated in a … Continue reading

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Root cause to RS-232 bug found!

Last night I found the true cause of my RS-232 problems. The question should not have been why two computers did not work when one did, but rather how did any manage to work.

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First use of Sugru

I have been looking at purchasing some Sugru since I learned about it some months ago. Sugru is a hand workable silicone putty that air cures in about 24 hours. It becomes a medium hard rubber solid. It comes in … Continue reading

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