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Bug on AS3935

After three weeks of banging my head against a brick wall, I confirmed last night that the AS3935 has an issue with the I2C interface. There is an issue with the chip that prevents reading register zero without violating the … Continue reading

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ADE7763 comments

I have received a bunch of comments on the ADE7763 home power monitor project. I will try to address then in the next few days with a special post. Edit: I elected to reply to each with a unique comment.

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Arduino code for PowerMeter using ADE7763

So here is the current version of the code. Not cleaned up yet, but it is functional. It does not include the code for the PIC processor needed only if you want to mux 30+ sensors into the one ADE. … Continue reading

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Over the weekend I got the new power monitior system put down on a breadboard. I am using one Arduino and one ADE7763 on a “motherboard”. On small daughter boards I am putting down a small PIC processor and an … Continue reading

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Design pretty much done with design!

I got a good chunk of time in the lab this weekend to pretty much nail down the design for the Power Monitor. I now have two sensor nodes on breadboards connected to an Arduino reporting data back to a … Continue reading

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