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Interesting bugs

Over the last few months, I have been sending to my software group at work a puzzle/quiz in the form of a bug I have found in my robot code. They seem to get a kick out of especialy since … Continue reading

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What is wrong with this code?

So I spend a few frustrating hours tracking down a bug in this seemingly simple idiot proof code: long labs(long val) { long retval; if (val < 0) { retval = -val; } else { retval = val; } return … Continue reading

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At work I got assigned to write a very simple control system for a device we are making a prototype of. For various reasons, the designers choice to use an FPGA with a soft-core processor. What this means is that … Continue reading

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Working from home

At work I have been helping on a failure review board. Once every 10,000 boot cycles, sometimes the system gets stuck displaying the splash screen. They asked me to figure out a way to automate the booting and then to … Continue reading

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I have been learning some Python here and there over the last few months. It is an interesting language and I think it has many great advantages for some applications. Without offending the Python diehards, I do not think it … Continue reading

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