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Incredible optical encoder

I was cleaning up my lab at work when I stumbled upon a contraction from a research project that never went anywhere. I got in touch with the researchers and asked them how they wanted me to disposition the equipment. … Continue reading

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Radio Shack is dead to me

I know it is not news, but Radio Shack is dead. My local store did not shutter when they went bankrupt. It has now been remodeled to bring in a cell phone store in a good 1/4 of the store. … Continue reading

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Interesting bugs

Over the last few months, I have been sending to my software group at work a puzzle/quiz in the form of a bug I have found in my robot code. They seem to get a kick out of especialy since … Continue reading

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FIRST LEGO League mentor

I have been very involved with FIRST LEGO League (FLL) for many years. I started as a coach, then did some special projects for the organization, and now act as a mentor for coaches around the country. This year I … Continue reading

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Out of town

I got called out of town for a week. Did not get a chance to start testing the SUNDAR. And now by the time I get home it is dark. Testing will have to wait till the weekend. Grrrrr.

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Dilbert moment

I have been involved with a simple project at work to build 55 field re-programmers for a product we make. The case has a few bits of electronics in it including a 50 cent micro, and a $1 voltage converter. … Continue reading

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Super magnet

I just purchased a rather larger (1″ dia, 3/4″ thick) N52 super magnet to erase MiniDV video tapes. Wow! What an amazing thing. I can see why I had to agree to all the safety notices on the item. If … Continue reading

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Sandy and gyros

Seems like I spend more time logging non robotic events than the other way around. This weekend I was planning on spending quality time with a new ARM development board I purchased, but my wife and I decided that this … Continue reading

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Spam out of control

Spaming the comments on this blog has gotten out of control. I had 83 in one day. In self defense I implemented a simple Captcha system. So far i have had zero spam comments and it would appear zero failures … Continue reading

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Back from vacation. Will start to post again

I was on a sailing vacation in Maine for the last two weeks. My type of sailing is small boat sailing that leaves you bruised and sore, no the Margarita sipping type. Need to get ready to teach a class … Continue reading

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