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Another ARM update

I have put aside the SUNDAR as it is just too cold and cloudy to do any testing. But I have been working fast and furioud on the ARM processor I plan to use for AVC. I have now gotten … Continue reading

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ARM processor update

As mentioned before I purchased an Olimex AT91SAM7S256 header board over a year ago. Well I got a simple LED blink program working a few weekends ago. This weekend I was very busy and wrote device drivers for the IO, … Continue reading

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SUNDAR Field Trial #1

This weekend was bitter cold. With the temperature in the single positive digits (F) I was unwilling to drag my gear outside. But at the same time I needed to run some experiments. So I set myself up in the … Continue reading

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SUNDAR videos

I took the time to create a YouTube video on the SUNDAR. This gives an overview of the system: And this is some more detail on the sensor head: I also found that I could get much better … Continue reading

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