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GPS error

Towards my goal of entering the AVC competition in 2014, I have been evaluating GPS units. The current model I am looking at is a u-Blox LEA-6H with a patch antenna. The first test I tried was to hold the … Continue reading

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A Storm!

Had a storm come through the area when I was at work. Luckily I had the Tautic board running and collecting data. I have just spent some time processing the data and I am now rather hopeful that this might … Continue reading

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AS3935 “Striker” software update

I was notified my Striker code on GitHub had a defect (bug). The contributor posted a patch that I have implemented.  You can find the updated code at

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Opamp trouble

Been working on the two stage opamp for my Sundar. The first stage takes the current from the photodiode and turns it into a voltage with a certain amount of gain. The second stage applies a second gain as well … Continue reading

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SUNDAR update

Been working on my SUNDAR in what little free time I have these days. Last night my Digikey order came in and I was able to get the dual channel digital potentiometer working. This will be used for a software … Continue reading

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SUNDAR project

In the interest of trying to determine my heading for the AVC robot competition, I have been working on a celestial solution. I am calling this device a SUNDAR as a hybrid of SUN and RADAR. In essence I am … Continue reading

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Lightning detector update (AS3935)

In a previous comment, I was informed that I had a bug in the software I posted on GitHub. Seems that I forgot to implement the 2 millisecond delay before reading the interrupt service register. Not sure what happened as … Continue reading

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