Robotic DVD Burner

I built a robot DVD burner from a Primera Composer I purchased on eBay. This burner is used as part of my backup strategy for my Linux (Fedora) file server.

  • Design: %100
  • Construction: %100
  • Test: %90



3 Responses to Robotic DVD Burner

  1. Ruchita says:

    Hi, Can you please share how to use Primera Composer?

    • Skye Sweeney says:

      The Primera Composer is a device that includes a DVD burner and a pick and place robot. Connected to a PC the original device will automatically duplicate CDs or DVDs for you. It picks a blank of a pile, puts it in the burner, burns it, picks it up and puts it into a done pile. I simply discarded the vendor software and figured out the protocol to control the pick and place robot. I then wrote my own software that rather then duplicating a disk, would find all the files that changed and burn them to a disc. It runs this application every night and if enough files have changed to warrant a new disc it burns it.

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