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What is wrong with this code?

So I spend a few frustrating hours tracking down a bug in this seemingly simple idiot proof code: long labs(long val) { long retval; if (val < 0) { retval = -val; } else { retval = val; } return … Continue reading

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Strange bug still comes and goes

I have this bizzar bug that comes and goes. When connected to the JTAG pod, I never see it. When operating disconnected, it will in fits and starts not boot properly. Since it never seems to happen when connected to … Continue reading

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Spring time is for bugs

Another frustrating evening. On occasion, my processor will not boot if you press the reset button. You can press then button a hundred times and nothing. And yet it never seems to fail when commanded to reset from JTAG. Since … Continue reading

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Found the nasty bug.

I was unable to allow the dog to sleep. Had to find the bug or I was not going to be able to sleep.  After a few more occurances, I had enough data to give me reason to suspect I was … Continue reading

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Chassing a “Heisenbug”

I have a crash that occurs at somewhat random times. It may go 20 minutes or it may crash within a few seconds. The blink code on my LED indicates a Prefetch Abort. In other words, the instruction it went … Continue reading

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Chassing random crashes

Last night I stopped trying to add more functionality and get to the bottom of these random crashes. If I have lots of GPS data flowing through the system the system will crash in various ways. One way includes a … Continue reading

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Triply derailed

What a horrible day this has turned out to be.

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Today I was going to finish the GPS code for the robot when I discovered that my automated backups had not run in a few days. Sure enough I found a bug in my software that does backups. Lets hope … Continue reading

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Hail Marry failed

Saturday I connected the GPS module and for a few seconds things looked good. But then the dreaded Data Abort exception started to occur. I have yet to narrow the problem down, but it would seem that bad things happen … Continue reading

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Anticipation, it’s making me wait

This weekend my goal is to get my uBlox LEA-6 module connected to my ARM processor. I have lots of other things I have to do this weekend (pay bills, …) but with a good following sea I should be … Continue reading

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