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IR Beacon

I have been working on numerous projects now that my house is mostly back together after a remodel. This post is to discuss an IR Beacon. This small circuit is to be used to generate a pulse train of IR … Continue reading

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First 3D printed part

My employeer has graciously allowed employees to use their top of the line 3D printer for personal projects subject to a bunch of conditions. My SUNDAR project falls within the guidlines for using minimal amount of materials and time. So … Continue reading

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Dealing with angles (and averaging them)

The nasty thing about angle measurements is the fact that they roll over. That is to say if you add 10 degrees to 355 degrees you get 365, but what you really want is 5. So after every addition or … Continue reading

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On stepper motors

I have never designed a system with stepper motors in them, but I have used such systems in the past. After my first experiments with the SUNDAR, it became apparent that the best solution would be to replace the RC … Continue reading

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Complimentary filter

I have been struggling with how to fuse all the data into one cohesive mess. In the case of heading I have several source. I have a magnetometer, the heading from GPS,┬áthe integrated value from the gyro, and if I … Continue reading

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Long time no post

It has been a while since I last posted. A lot and a little has happened in the meantime. I went on vacation to London and had a great time, but I have not made a huge amount of progress … Continue reading

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Been to busy to post

Between the work on my robot, my day job, and various projects at home I have not had the chance to post. And yet a lot of things have happened. I will make some attempt to catch up.

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Slight pause in the development

The problem with being an embedded software engineer by day and doing prety much the same think at home is that you can get burned out. Not normaly an issue when work is slow or boring. But when you work … Continue reading

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AVC update

I have been working pretty hard on my AVC entry. In recent days I have a first draft of the navigation code. I have been slowed down by my inability to write configuration data to FLASH. The fisrt step in … Continue reading

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SUNDAR upgrades

After I have proven to myself that I have a good chance to get a solar compass to work for AVC, I started to look at improvements. The first would have to be miniaturization. Currently the system is very bulky, … Continue reading

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