AVC To Do List

  1. Get SD Card integrated
  2. Speed test SD Card
  3. Write an snprintf replacement
  4. Finish generic UART code                 3/31/2014
  5. Test UART code                                  4/1/2014
  6. Attach GPS module mechanically     4/4/2014
  7. Attach GPS module electrically         4/4/2014
  8. Remove the SPI ADC as it conflicts with the SD Card  4/4/2014
  9. Get uBlox code working with new UART  4/6/2014
  10. Determine why UART code can’t keep up at 115200 baud. Seems to be an issue with how long it takes to swap DMA buffers.
  11. Hunt down the random data abort exception that occurs when readings lots of data. Seems to be an issue of stack sizes.
  12. Order new parts to fix the broken USB connector on my uBlox module.
  13. Get SD card working again as part of the logger module
  14. Log uBlox data to disk
  15. Refactor the logger to remove the file access routines.
  16. Finish implementing the user interface module
  17. Integrate the Sparkfun I2C DAC for task monitoring
  18. Work on a simple Python based ground station.
  19. Add ability to run code from RAM
  20. Add ability to read and write configuration data from FLASH
  21. Add a statistics task to monitor CPU usage and stack sizes.
  22. Survey the test site parking lot.
  23. Get simple waypoint code working
  24. Figure out why an extra CR is in my log files.
  25. Fix bug in command parser
  26. Get permission to use test location (ongoing. Now in the legal department!)
  27. Sweep parking lot at test location
  28. Collect uBlox data at test location
  29. Analyze collected data
  30. Test PWM outputs with real servos
  31. Convert Sundar to run on a second ARM SAM7
  32. Finish Sundar design
  33. Interface Sundar to AVC robot.
  34. Isolate motors with MuMetal
  35. Built V1.0 of the AVC PCB with all the devices mounted
  36. Start testing
  37. Create a Python telemetry application to run on a PC and collect and plot data from the rover.
  38. Register for AVC 2015  (March 2015)
  39. Win AVC 2015  (June 2015)

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