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Yet another ARM update (SD card version)

It has been a while since I have posted last on my process towards getting my AVC robot up and running. Part of that was getting busy around the house and at work. Part of the delay was not wanting … Continue reading

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Not feeling the love

It is 12:30 at night and I was woken up by a thunderstorm raging outside. Heard the rain, saw the flashes, and heard the thunder. Went downstairs to look at the output of the AS3935 based lighting detector.  Dang thing … Continue reading

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Roving Networks RN-42

Over the weekend I took a side trip with my AVC processor to include a wireless BlueTooth transceiver. This will allow me to communicate with the robot as I run various experiments. It turned out to be fairly easy.

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AS3935 code is on GitHub

I took my first jump into GitHub as a contributor. I put my current AS3935 based application called “Striker” into the repository. You can find it here: This should now get me off the hook for several of you … Continue reading

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AS3935 details

After a very frustrating weekend, I am pretty confident I have the worst of the integration problems behind me. The Embedded Adventures board is a very nice board but did take the choice of SPI or I2C out of my … Continue reading

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Gyro calibration table

Finally getting close to finishing the gyro calibration table. This was made from a re-purposed record player. I gutted the electronics, the tone arm, and even the motor. Replaced the motor with an electric starter motor for a nitro RC … Continue reading

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My son’s surgery went very well. He is recovering nicely at home. He is doing well enough that we actually worked together on the AVC entry. Even with his jaw wired closed, he was a great help.

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Unusual item for unusual project.

Years ago when living near Binghamton New York I used to visit a junk yard on a fairly regular basis. They would take in lots of surplus stuff from some of the big manufacturers in the area including IBM, Singer-Link, … Continue reading

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Arduino code for PowerMeter using ADE7763

So here is the current version of the code. Not cleaned up yet, but it is functional. It does not include the code for the PIC processor needed only if you want to mux 30+ sensors into the one ADE. … Continue reading

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