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Sparkfun AVC

I have always had a life goal of making a robot. As a kid I was going to make one from a child’s electric ride-in toy using 74 series logic from a book I had. Later I was going to … Continue reading

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Twitter notification

For those that may wish notification when I update my blog, you can follow me (SkyeSweeney) on Twitter.

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Unusual item for unusual project.

Years ago when living near Binghamton New York I used to visit a junk yard on a fairly regular basis. They would take in lots of surplus stuff from some of the big manufacturers in the area including IBM, Singer-Link, … Continue reading

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Overdue system diagram for power monitor

Here is the system diagram (pdf format) for my power monitor. It is currently version 1.0. I reserve the right to update it as I learn more! I am alos working on a detailed paper that describes the whole system. SystemDiagram

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Arduino code for PowerMeter using ADE7763

So here is the current version of the code. Not cleaned up yet, but it is functional. It does not include the code for the PIC processor needed only if you want to mux 30+ sensors into the one ADE. … Continue reading

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The Eagle has landed

I got in my shipment of spare parts to replace the one I smoked. After replacing the part, I ran a bunch of tests and let it run for 24 hours without any noticeable issues. So, its is time to … Continue reading

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Magnetic compass

As I wait for replacement parts from Digikey (smoked a processor), I started to play with a magnetic compass. This unit has a serial interface. It took me quite a while to figure out/remember that you can’t connect a serial … Continue reading

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Over the weekend I got the new power monitior system put down on a breadboard. I am using one Arduino and one ADE7763 on a “motherboard”. On small daughter boards I am putting down a small PIC processor and an … Continue reading

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