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ADE7763 Part-3

Managed to get some time to play with the ADE7763 over the weekend. During testing of the SPI interface I found numerous problems with timing that I corrected. I am now fairly confident that the underlying digital interface to the … Continue reading

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ADE7763 Part-2

Having recently gotten my DigiKey order I installed the crystal and its load caps on the breadboard circuit. Next I started to work on the communications to the ADE. I quickly learned that the Endian-nes of the ADE and and … Continue reading

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ADE7763 for energy monitor

Stumbled across the Analog Devices ADE7763 IC. It is a chip dedicated to single phase energy monitoring. It has inputs for current and voltage sensors. The chip takes these values, computes the RMS values, takes the product, and integrates it … Continue reading

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Pachube and the furnace project

Just came across the website It allows a user to post data to their servers and then use their services to graph and otherwise manipulate the data. Think of it as the YouTube of dynamic data.

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Server crash (2.0)

Memory tests passed. Smartd tests on all drives pass. Connected oscilloscope to Power_Good signal that the power supply sends to the motherboard. There is an occasional glitch on the line. Perhaps the glitch gets a bit bigger at times causing … Continue reading

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Random crash of my fileserver

Over the last few weeks, I have noticed that my Linux based file server will randomly reboot. The first time I noticed it I did not give it much thought, but now it happens about once a day.

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Finding an old friend

Went to the dump over the weekend to drop off an old PC and hoped to find a better one to run in my home lab. As I approached the electronics area, something jutting out of a box caught my … Continue reading

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