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Experiments with BlueTooth

For a work project, I have been experimenting with BlueTooth wireless transceivers. I purchased a few of the BlueSmirf devices from Sparkfun. Following some instructions on the web, we got the units programmed and communicating to each other as well … Continue reading

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The storm is over

Almost exactly one week after the New England freak October snow storm hit, my power is back on and I have internet. As you might image very little got done during 7 days of living off the grid.

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“Playing Hookie”

Since I worked all day Saturday and finished my project at work, I decided to stay home today (Monday). Although I am using the time from Saturday to account for 40 hours this week, it still feels vaguely naughty staying … Continue reading

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Weight off my shoulders

For 4 years I have been working on a project at work. Yesterday (Saturday) at 6:30PM I finished the last qualification testing of the unit. The customer has approved the device for immediate deployment. In the next few weeks everything … Continue reading

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Meetings on a Saturday

Went in to work to catch up on a project that my company is behind schedule on. With an empty building, all the distractions and gone and I can dig into the issues and get twice the work done. Should … Continue reading

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