Sandy and gyros

Seems like I spend more time logging non robotic events than the other way around. This weekend I was planning on spending quality time with a new ARM development board I purchased, but my wife and I decided that this would be the ideal time to paint our family/computer room. That meant packing up the file server, my development workhorse, and our general purpose computer. We got the walls prepared, and the ceiling painted, but failed to get the walls done. I decided that with the room gutted this was the time to install in wall Ethernet outlets and move the routers, switches, and modems to a basement closet.

I had hoped to do that work this week, but then came along Sandy. Sandy is this massive hurricane dumping buckets on rain on my house. Right now, I am just keeping out a weather eye and ready to respond if needed.

One thing I did stumble across this weekend (using my lab computer in the basement) was an issue with the Pololu 9DOF IMU. I was recording data every 4 milliseconds to an SD card from the various sensors. Issue one is that the magnetometer was not giving me full swing on the heading even though I had calibrated it a few days earlier. Need to look at that later. The more serious issue is that the gyro and the accelerometer were not updating values as fast as I was reading the device. A look at the datasheet indicates that the unit does have a max update rate that is defined by some registers. Need to look at the code to see how it was set up. But here is the catch; Those files are on my file server carefully boxed up waiting for the painting to be done. GRRR.


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