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Generic UART code works

Just spend an hour and was able to finish the UART code I had to leave untested last night. I seem to be able to reliably move data at 115200 baud. Now I take a short break from coding to … Continue reading

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Another step closer to world domination

Fast update from last post. I got ChaN’s FAT32 working and can read and write files at 200kbytes/second. Not too shabby. With the FAT32 behind me, I set myself the goal of connecting my uBlox LEA-6H module to my ARM … Continue reading

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Yet another ARM update (SD card version)

It has been a while since I have posted last on my process towards getting my AVC robot up and running. Part of that was getting busy around the house and at work. Part of the delay was not wanting … Continue reading

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ARM processor update

For the last few weeks I have been banging my head against the wall trying to get an Atmel SAM7S256 processor up and running. It has taken lots of time, but I think I see the end of the tunnel. … Continue reading

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Another ARM update

I have put aside the SUNDAR as it is just too cold and cloudy to do any testing. But I have been working fast and furioud on the ARM processor I plan to use for AVC. I have now gotten … Continue reading

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ARM processor update

As mentioned before I purchased an Olimex AT91SAM7S256 header board over a year ago. Well I got a simple LED blink program working a few weekends ago. This weekend I was very busy and wrote device drivers for the IO, … Continue reading

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Adventures with an Atmel SAM7S256

The Arduino’s I have been playing with are nice and fun, but they do not have the horsepower that I would like for my AVC robot. At work I have been using ARM processors and really like them. They are … Continue reading

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Dilbert moment

I have been involved with a simple project at work to build 55 field re-programmers for a product we make. The case has a few bits of electronics in it including a 50 cent micro, and a $1 voltage converter. … Continue reading

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Not feeling the love

It is 12:30 at night and I was woken up by a thunderstorm raging outside. Heard the rain, saw the flashes, and heard the thunder. Went downstairs to look at the output of the AS3935 based lighting detector.  Dang thing … Continue reading

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Roving Networks RN-42

Over the weekend I took a side trip with my AVC processor to include a wireless BlueTooth transceiver. This will allow me to communicate with the robot as I run various experiments. It turned out to be fairly easy.

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