Another ARM update

I have put aside the SUNDAR as it is just too cold and cloudy to do any testing. But I have been working fast and furioud on the ARM processor I plan to use for AVC. I have now gotten Yagarto, Eclipse, and OpenOCD to play nice. I still need to learn to get GDB working. In the mean time, I have been writting device drivers and organizing the code into modules. I have gotten stuck on the GDBU UART driver. Till recently I did not realize that the GDBU shared an interrupt with a BUNCH of other peripherals.  I plan to use at least one other (the interval timer) so I had to write an interrupt routine to determine the cause of the interrupt and call the appropriate routine. In writing this down, it does not sound like I have accomplised a whole lot, but I can feel the learning curve falling away ahead of me.

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