Lightning detector update (AS3935)

In a previous comment, I was informed that I had a bug in the software I posted on GitHub. Seems that I forgot to implement the 2 millisecond delay before reading the interrupt service register. Not sure what happened as I know at one time I had it implemented. In aanycase the bug was real and I fixed it. Along with the fix the code now supports both SPI and I2C. This allows users of the Embedded Adventures or the Tautic break out boards to get up and running.

Unfortunately, mother nature did not cooperate by providing me with a storm to test against. More news later.

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5 Responses to Lightning detector update (AS3935)

  1. GF says:

    Hi there !

    Are you still monitoring this blog ?

    Started using your Striker code and have some questions

  2. GF says:

    Thanks !

    I have the code running. I am trying to integrate a DS1307 RTC into the code. The RTC is also an i2C device. There is no address conflict between the MOD-1016 and the RTC. As soon as I attempt to retrieve the current time using the following command:

    rtcNow =;

    All of the register settings for the MOD-1016 get replaced with 1250 (I think).

    Do you have any idea where the issue may lie? I have not changed any of your code with the exception of adding in the lines to begin() an RTC and attempt to obtain the current time.

  3. GF says:

    Correction. All registers are set to FF

  4. GF says:

    I should note that I am able to read and write the registers using the serial command input. Also seems to run ok. I have yet to detect any strikes, but have not had any around either.

    When I use the ‘q’ to get i2c address it returns ‘6’. i2cscanner shows the address correctly as 0x03.

    To me it seems that the MOD-1016 initalizes correctly. When I request the time from RTC the i2c communication seems to screw up the MOD-1016 register settings

    I am quite confused and any insight to your code is appreciated.

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