SUNDAR PCB using Press-and-Peel

I was unwilling to send out the PCB for the SUNDAR radar head to a fab house. I only need one and why spend precious money that I could use elsewhere. So I tried out the Press-and-Peel method for etching my own PCB. Turns out it was pretty simple and gave remarkly good results.First step was to create the schematic and layout in Eagle. Next I used Eagle to create the artwork for the top (and only) surface. This was modified in a picture editor to mirror the image. This image was then printed on my HP Lasetjet printer onto a sheet of the Press-and-Peel. It then cut out the circuit and ironed it to the PCB according to the instructions and various videos online. After letting it cool, I peeled off the film and the results were very nice. A quick bath in warm ferric chloride and I had a great looking board. Even the thermal releif on a pad in a ground plane showed some actual seperation. Now I need to order some carbide bits to drill the few through holes and I will be ready to solder my parts to it.

At this point I would have to give the Press-and-Peel a big thumbs up.

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