First 3D printed part

My employeer has graciously allowed employees to use their top of the line 3D printer for personal projects subject to a bunch of conditions. My SUNDAR project falls within the guidlines for using minimal amount of materials and time. So for the last few months (work has been grueling) I have been working on designing the various parts I need for the sensor head.

I had some issues with finding a CADD program that would do the job. I have in fact tried 7 different programs and have rejected them all. The best of the lot so far is Cubify Invent, but even that I am not fully happy with. But with that aside, I did design a part and had it printed last night.

I am frankly amazed at the quality. Admitedly this is a huge industrial SLA machine and this part was run with the finest tip. Although not glass smooth, it came out very nicely. I will try to attach a picture soon.

Now I am off to design the rest of the parts and get them printed. What JOY!

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