AVC update

I have been working pretty hard on my AVC entry. In recent days I have a first draft of the navigation code. I have been slowed down by my inability to write configuration data to FLASH. The fisrt step in that is to be able to run code from RAM during the programming. This was more difficult that I imagined taking several evenings to get working. I should be able to get FLASH writing down tonight.

With that out of the way, I can read and write configuration parameters (waypoints, speed ration, PID coefficients, …) via the serial port user interface. Then I can take the board outside.

Meanwhile I ran a 24 hour test with my uBlox running inside logging all the binary UBX data to an SD Card at a 5Hz update rate. Not a byte lost and the results were amazing. Inside my house with only limited view out a single window, the GPS tracked 6 plus SVs and gave be horizontal errors in the 20 meter range with occational 60 meter errors. Pretty dang amazing. Can’t wait to take to my test site.

I can smell a first test run in the air. Almost like spring!

Speaking of test runs, I have been thinking about how to measure truth on those first runs. I will not be allowed to video tape or take pictures at the test site. I also can’t make any permanent changes to the parking lot nor use any toxic chemicals. I was thinking of pulling a small trailer with a pressurized water bottle. I could then leave a water trail behind. Might just work.

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