A Storm!

Had a storm come through the area when I was at work. Luckily I had the Tautic board running and collecting data. I have just spent some time processing the data and I am now rather hopeful that this might work. Unlike previous times when It hardly registered any strikes, this time it registered a million. Have no clue if they were all real, but they do start at a distance, come to a close approach of 5 km, and then increase again. The times correlate well to when the storm passed by my wife’s recollection and by when it past where I work some 20 miles north.

I did find that my energy calculation was bogus. I had the endianess of the 3 byte value wrong. Will be updating the GitHub code shortly.

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2 Responses to A Storm!

  1. Glenn says:

    I am looking for code to use the AS3935 breakout board with a arduino uno or 2560
    I have tried SPI and could not get it to tune the chip. I would like to try I2C
    It would help a lot to have wire pin outs
    Thanks for any help
    Glenn yehaw74@gmail.com

    • Skye Sweeney says:

      You do not mention what breakout board you are using, how you have it connected, nor why it would not tune.

      With some further details, I may be able to help.

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