A crazy few weeks

I have been unable to work on home projects for the last few weeks due to a huge push at work to meet a year end sales quota. We had numerous units unable to sell due to a communication error during environmental testing. Although the units would work perfectly for our customer, they failed our factory tests and had to be put aside. It was up to me to figure out the issue and enable their sale. After a significant number of experiments I was able to find the issue. In fact it was a “perfect storm” combination of numerous factors. Luckily a simple solution was found that prevented any system software updates.

So now that I have a week off from work for the holidays, I plan to get back into various projects. These including teaching my college son C++, fixing the RS-485 link to my furnace monitor, making a life casting of my son’s face, fixing bugs in my DVD robot software, working with a FIRST LEGO League team to improve their skills for next year, and sleeping in!

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