SUNDAR upgrade parts

I just got in the mail today the parts I ordered for the SUNDAR upgrade. I am a very happy camper. The stepper motor I purchased was a little ‘5V’ 200 step unit from Pololu. To this I added a low voltage motor controller and some output collars to make assembly simpler.

This stuff is ridiculously small. The motor is about 3/4 inch square and an inch long without the shaft. The motor controller is about 1 inch by 1/2 inch in size.

The stepper motor looks gorgeous. The shaft has a very nice snap at each detente. The front mounting face is a high polish with threaded holes. Right now the trick-or-treat kids are interrupting me every few minutes so I can’t get to the lab to test this out. Perhaps I could come down with a sudden case of Beriberi and skip work tomorrow?


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