Imagine RTI 2012 edition

Just came back this weekend from Imagine RIT. Imagine RIT is a huge science fair like event at Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester New York. 30 thousand people come to look at exhibits from individual students, classes, graduate students, professors, and clubs. Anything from a Nerf ball cannon for the kids to enjoy, to robots, to biology experiment, to just about anything else under the sun.

I enjoy this event because I can visit with my son, but also just for the ability to bask in technology and not feel out of place as a geek. Where else (other than a Maker Fair) can you talk to people about Arduinos, LEGO, capillary action, OOblec, robotics, heart rate, electric cars, and video stabilization without anyone batting an eye?

For those in driving distance to RIT, you need to plan to attend this yearly event in early May.

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