AVC platform body

I have had my eye on Craig’s List for severl months looking for a 1/10 scale RC car to use as the chassis for my 2013 AVC robot. Just recently a Traxxis Rustler came up for a reasonable price. Although it was a difficult process, I managed to pick it up this evening. The batteries are charging, and if the rain stops tomorrow, I will go out and test it.

The car is stock with a NiCad battery and a normal brushed motor. The catalog entry claims it can go 35 MPH. I wonder if I can control it that fast!

First milestones will be to just put a sensor platform on the car and collect data. Need to get a GPS, 9 DOF data, and TX signals logged to an SD card for post analysis.

The next milestone will be a simple controller to drive the robot in a simple pattern at slow speed. Life is good.

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