Lightning Detector

First I must apologize for going off line so long. Back in June I got a cold that damaged my inner ear. With the damage, I have been suffering from vertigo. Luckily, the brain learns and re-calibrates the inner ear “gyro” and the issue slowly goes away. Just as that issue was disappearing, work picked up and I was working two shifts a day doing testing with a monster 3 axis rate table. But that seems to be going away and I have some time to myself.

First thing I did was to catch up on the Sparkfun forum where I discovered a post that “Embedded Adventures” had made a breakout board for the Franklin Lightning Detector chip made by an Austrian company. I immediately put one on order. Should arrive in a few days from the UK for $USA 27. Not too bad. This should prove much easier to design and implement than my custom circuit that was giving me such grief.


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